[Rose-public] Generate and unparse the Ast graph

Tim rose.mailinglist at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 16:50:30 PDT 2013


rose offers the opportunity to print the AST graph.
The option via
> CustomMemoryPoolDOTGeneration::s_Filter_Flags* filter_flags =
>         new CustomMemoryPoolDOTGeneration::s_Filter_Flags(argvList);
> generateWholeGraphOfAST_filteredFrontendSpecificNodes("my_graph", 
> filter_flags);
is great. For my current use case (make simple Ast transformations) this 
graph is too complex to see my modifications.
Is there any short cut to get the AST in this fashion: [1] slide. 27?

At the moment, I unparse the AST via compiler argument -rose:o my_output.cpp
Can I unparse in the terminal as well?




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